Wednesday, 24 February 2010

you lose half your head

I lose All Of Mine...

like dogs, we bark and wag

and fight and and scowl at the night.

WhiteDogs- Hiding my loving ways

Hiding my loving ways
Tame me my saving grace
An eye for an eye my worlds gone blind
You idolize the fight

Sharpness of the tongue
The presence of more than one
I take my time in the dark of the night
You idolize the fight

I wish i knew who was there
What was then and who to defend
Who to defend in the deep end
Who to defend in the deep end

bad eggs hatch

WhiteDog creating, contorting, fucking killing it!

High, High

take their hands, be their guide
warning sounds darkened lights
death comes in dribs and drabs
tear drops and fallen flags

high, high delight
no reasons for whose wrong or whose right
high, high delight

and they wish that, wish that you'd have stayed
for all the times that you wanted to run away
run home
run home

legal notice: one half says no sound, says no video. one half says hit the deep end, says dive in.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

I know the feeling tree. Sometimes
you grow up big and tall. Only to find a little kids bike grew up with ya.

Friday, 5 February 2010


here are some of the great pictures from Magnum, which has jsut been sold!

It's Not Grim Up North...

John Bulmers Photographs of the North in the 60's